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The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time

When she was only twenty-three, Carson McCullers's first novel created a literary sensation. She was very special, one of America's superlative writers who conjures up a vision of existence as terrible as it is real, who takes us on shattering voyages into the depths of the spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition. This novel is the work of a supreme artist, Carson McCullers's enduring masterpiece. The heroine is the strange young girl, Mick Kelly. The setting is a small Southern town, the cosmos universal and eternal. The characters are the damned, the voiceless, the rejected. Some fight their loneliness with violence and depravity, some with sex or drink, and some--like Mick--with a quiet, intensely personal search for beauty.
ISBN: 9780679424741
Branch Call Number: F MCCULLERS
FICTION McCullers 1940


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Jan 15, 2021

Southern Gothic; American classic; anti-Facist; and of its time.

Nov 01, 2020

This was a hard book to get into. It was slow going. Perhaps it was because the book was written in 1940. I am sure the book created quite a stir when published. My book club spent a lot of time talking about Dr. Copeland. So many of the issues he mentions are still problems today. The book hit all the big topics of the day in 1940-communism, fascism. The main characters are moving around each other but never understanding.

Everyone shares all their beliefs and problems with John Singer but without any understanding of his feelings and beliefs. He solves his loneliness and feeling of rejection in a way that leaves the other main characters wondering what happened and why.

JCLFlanneryC Jul 31, 2020

Every bit as good as its reputation suggests. A moody but never boring book about a loosely connected group of people connected to no one in particular. Carson McCullers' excels in describing the life of the mind, the private ecstasies and disappointments of introverts and outsiders. A rich, lovely and melancholic book about being on your own.

Nov 09, 2019

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" is a supposed classic. That may be so, but I found it's prose to be clunky and on the nose, and its characters uncompelling. McCullers works under the assumption that her characters are worthy of our emotional investment, but without telling or showing us WHY, her argument is incomplete. Rather than demonstrating that they are worthy and deserving of our empathy, she seems to tell us (note that I write "tell" rather than "show"): "These characters are lonely THEREFORE they deserve your empathy." (With McCullers everything is ubiquitously and equivocally "lonesome." Truthfully I tired of her writing "lonesome"; anyone can write an adjective, but that does not make it true.) By her reasoning our compassion is inextricably tied to our cognition (I should use her word and write "cogitation"), which is not the case. When reading the papery characters of "Lonely Hunter" (Mr. Singer and his former roommate; Mick; the barkeep; the doctor; Portia) I hungered for more substantial writings. I missed Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find," in particular, and the short stories of Nadine Gordimer and the work of Toni Morrison, in general. A work such as McCuller's needs both good aesthetics, and cerebral stimuli, neither of which her work, for me, possessed in full and even measure.

Jul 17, 2019

Hello, darlings! - I really enjoyed reading this story and I think that you will, too. Check it out!

Jul 08, 2019

Originally published back in 1940 - "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" was the debut novel by the American-born author, Carson McCullers who was 23 at the time.

Upon its publication in 1940 - This novel created a literary sensation and enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the bestseller lists. It was the first in a string of works by McCullers that gave voice to those who are rejected, forgotten, mistreated, or oppressed.

The Modern Library has ranked the novel seventeenth on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century

This novel's story focuses in on a deaf man named John Singer and the people he encounters in a 1930s mill town in the US state of Georgia.

Jun 22, 2019

Slow-paced, moody, haunting.

Jun 06, 2019

A top five favorite. John Singer has to be one of the most brilliant literary creations of 20th century American literature. The evocation of 1930s Georgia and the unsentimental depiction of these lonely characters is just fantastic. Some will find it too slow or not action-packed enough, but honestly, this is one I have a hard time putting down. The prose is just magic. By the end, I always wonder what became of these people, particularly Mick.

_m1_ May 06, 2019

Poetic and haunting, this book is somber and depressing at times. There are some beautiful sections of prose (Mick listening to classical music stands out to me). This is a character driven story; not a lot of action happens. I personally loved it, but I can see why some think it is too slowly paced. I recently saw an exhibition of Sally Mann's photography, and I thought of it all while reading this book. They both have depict the south in a haunting, naturalistic sort of way.

Feb 26, 2018

The review on the back should be read as a warning: "Remarkably devoid of any sentimentality."

This is a frustrating read. So much happens in this book to each of its interesting characters, yet it seems as though nothing truly happens. There are deaths that are quickly moved past, horrors committed by many. Each of the characters is depressed in their own way, and though they have many opportunities to learn from each other, each fails to do so in a meaningful way. I was left wanting for more insight into the characters' growths, but instead left with a blaisé feeling of "it is what it is. We suffer, we keep moving." Understandably, this could have been McCullers' intent for the book (read the last page if you want the summation of the book's purpose told through the eyes of one of the characters), but it was still an angering read.

Granted for how much I have thought about this book for the past few weeks since I have read it, maybe it is more lasting and impactful than my 2.5 stars gives it credit. However, this book is not enjoyable. Nothing good happens, and I did not feel for the characters (with the exception of Singer and the Dr.) when tragedy did befall them. Alas, it is a book written in the 40s when this style and thought were thought to be interuptive and compelling. It paved the way for other writers to expand on this "tragedy of the human spirit" motif, but ah, I only wish it had been more enjoyable.

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Nov 01, 2020

The heart is a lonely hunter when there is no sign of love in sights.

Jun 06, 2019

The way I need you is a loneliness I cannot bear.

TSCPL_ChrisB Jun 06, 2016

Maybe when people longed for a thing that bad the longing made them trust in anything that might give it to them.


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Jun 06, 2019

SusyHendrix thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over


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