Falling Skies

Falling Skies

The Complete Fourth Season

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The pressure continues to mount for survivors as they try to regain control of earth. Keeping up their fight in the war is becoming increasingly difficult as their hopes of life after the alien destruction become more of a distant reality. With the new capitol in Charleston, the 2nd Mass could end up revisiting old territory.


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Dec 29, 2017


. _1_Ghost_in_the_machine_ 2Mas, walking and some in vehicles have Charleston in sight, Lexi startles Tom with "Not all have to die here"! 2Mas are scattered by Espheni attack, enhanced by aircraft deployed super fly zapper fences. Most rounded up into Ghetto POW camp. A few to Peaceville, left alone by Espheni and held in an enchanted manner by Human-Espheni crossbreed, controlled by a control taking human. Another group, c 20, pushed very hard by leader, bent on getting her child back. They capture an expected ammo truck - to find loaded with kids. Matt at building, where owners are hammering on about Cooperation with Espheni and reporting Resistance members - to save them from themselves. Tom sneaks out of POW camp at nights and so meets Last 2 Vom - most of whom had to race off to save their own offspring.

. _2_The_Eye_ Tom gets invited into the overhead watching Espheni dirigible for a chat on the new cooperation, and gets a look at the ship to POW camp wiring diagram. Dan and Pope conspire a bigger exit. Matt gains an ally but looses c 4.

Oct 22, 2017

Falling Skies Seasons 1-3 was on par with the 1970s Land Of The Lost. FINALLY ... it took 4 seasons to start being anything more than pap -- but as sci-fi goes .... yep, Falling Skies S4 is still pap. Now, in addition to being predictable pap, FS-S4 steals famous lines and SF concepts from far better films. To heighten the experience, in true soap opera form, the logic and motivation of the characters doesn't track from one moment to the next in the same scene, but what does that matter when everyone gets a nice <3 HUG! <3 So far I'd say skip Falling Skies and watch Firefly or (new) Battlestar Galactica .... heck, most of the Star Gates became formulaic but it was still worlds better than Falling Skies.

Oct 05, 2015

i finally stopped watching. Not because it was that bad, but because there are movies and shows that are much better and i have limited time. This just seemed rather mundane and predictable.

Sep 06, 2015

Not as good as previous seasons-- this series is sort of running out of steam-- but I still had to watch every episode. The characters are already pretty flushed out, but much of this season is about Tom Mason's new daughter and whether she is collaborating with the Espheni overlords. I understand there is one more season to go before the series ends.

Aug 26, 2015

The fourth season of this series presents more twists and turns and gives viewers more insight on the conflicts between the human survivors of the invasion, their allies as well as the invaders themselves.


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Dec 29, 2017

. Summary EP 1 AND 2 IN COMMENT.

. _3_Exodus_ Distraction mounted for 2Mas attempted breakout from ghetto prison. Maggie points guns at suspect Human-Espheni collaborator. Further Espheni input to Lexi revealed in nightmare flashback! It wasn't just TOM'S TACKLE TAMPERED WITH! :-(

. _4_Evolve_or_die_ 2Mas join group of Vom 5, hiding in large farm shed. Arguments. Tom, Dan and Cochise go look for Matt. Hal left in command - is torn between flee before Espheni search or stay put so Tom group can get back to them! Group of 20 find Lexi in Peaceville, and are disconcerted to be disarmed!

. _5_Mind_Wars_ Tom group rescues Matt, accept hospitality from 2 humans, only to have Dan and Matt apparently shot while sleeping and Tom dragged off to Espheni. Pope and new friend take a pickup truck and ram a Mek! Cochise hacks into Espheni "Command Broadcast" and 2Mas main group are able to see and avoid Espheni for the rest of episode. Ann and Lexi have serious disagreements, also seeing Ann beat up Espheni Monk (Lexi Espheni mum? i.e.: a nun?), and thereby ... Ben! Who was on the same radio band as Espheni Monk... .

. _6_Door_number_3_ Some 2Mas groups have to do a lot of walking. Some reunite. Large crowd decide to kill Lexi, who does cocoon. Vom have experience of Espheni cocoon and race 20 mile out of range! Lexi visits Ann in dream, asks for her protection. So Ann chases off most of 2Mas with shotgun. Mason remnants (and Lourdes) unite behind Ann and Lexi. ...

. _7_Sat_Massacre_ Lexi leaves Peaceville and Espheni move in to attack. The Vom are passing by, blow bridge access, so Espheni have to take the long way home ... to target. Espheni Tom burned is looking to burn Tom back! Gas main hit and wipes out most. Survivors hide in fallout shelter. Skitter reports Tom dead and Espheni attack force retires.

. _8_Feathers_ 2Mas dig out. An enthused Espheni entity shows Ben the wonders of the Espheni planned cooperation, where humans being harnessed scream in horror, pain. Maggie's anti Espheni wishes are ignored and some harness spikes are transplanted to her, in effort to save her life. Dingaan sorry to Tom for getting him buried, as well. It was Karmic - had lost own son when pool accommodation hole caved in. Etc. Tom has to play strong white guy, to get Dingaan out of his superstitious slough of despond. 2Mas elements enlist Espheni ship to save themselves.

. _9_Till_Death_do_us_part_ 2Mas detachment accompany Vom to their weapons cache. Mat former ally from Espheni programming camp finds them, calls in Espheni bomber strike, with an adapted whistle - blowing it all up! Further Mason family feud - Ben teaches Maggie to use the spikes provided powers. They have a smooch. Hal gives Ben a bruise. Tom sees it later, asks if anything to tell Tom? Brothers: "No". Ann wants baby back - not just human bits but the whole thing!

. _10_Draw_Straws_ Cochise dissects Espheni whistle, showing it has ultra sound transmitter, that the Espheni bombers respond to. Inside bomber, Tom waves at a light under stairway and a control panel or part thereof, emerges from dresser top, 2 meters away. From this, they find they can control pitch and yawl. A bomber attack on Espheni power source, on the moon, is planned. Whereas sensible people would have asked for volunteers, and then selected the most qualified (potentially Pope, who was the most recent to own a plane) - 2Mas draw names from a skitter skull! and it's all in - the Dr, Captain, New President, one time head chef. Tom draws Tom's name from skull... .

. _11_Space_Oddity_ Some Espheni agents ask to be allowed back in 2Mas. Have realized Espheni EVIL. Pope tries to shoot them. Ben is taken off Bomber crew, in favor of an Espheni Agent possibly now gone good?


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