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DVD - 2018
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Danger-courting excursionist James Delaney returns to London in 1814 in order to attend his father's funeral. He not only inherit his notorious father's shipping empire, but all the enemies and debts created by his father's dubious dealings.


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Aug 08, 2018

I like the show, but found it hard to listen to some of these accents. Something's wrong with the Closed Captioning, like some computer glitch mixed up the sentences and usually left out the first words of each sentence. That's how it played on my DVD player and TV for both discs.

Jul 04, 2018

I've grown to respect & like Hardy and looked forward to this series....thought it was very poor & didn't give him full range of his acting talents.

Jun 15, 2018

Impossible to understand. Too bad and very frustrating because I was looking forward to watching this.

Apr 22, 2018

Just finished half of Season one. Time's up and I can't renew--28 people waiting. That means this new BBC series is popular. Will I bother to place a hold on it and wait weeks to view the 4 remaining episodes? Not likely. What to make of this 19th-century period-piece? Some critics and many TV viewers want to make plenty of it. I'm not convinced.

Says the UK's Guardian critic, "As a viewer you can either submit to the madness swirling all round or sigh and give up in disgust." It's too soon for me to decide which I want to do, but the odds are not good for submission. "The madness": intimations of incest, fevered hallucinations, hints of the supernatural! All this set against a could-be, sure-looks-real backdrop in ugly, dirty, London, of 1814. I'm not sure about that, either. Hey, what's with all the extensive tattoos and facial piercings? Purely 21st century!

The protagonist (played with plenty of mystique by Tom Hardy) is the heir to a bit of west-coast North American real estate on what will become, in 50 years, Vancouver Island. At the time, nobody would care. Ah, but that's REAL history, at a time when not even the British fur-trading juggernaut HBC had ventured that far west.

We're to believe that the mightier East India Company (EIC) wants this piece of west-coast wilderness. Howcum? As a stepping stone to....(wait for it) China! Ridiculous in the extreme, because EIC already owned all the considerable riches of India. Aside from Beaver pelts (the kind used to make our character's top-hat) there wasn't any reason for the company's interest. Or, maybe it's because the man just might sell that wilderness to Washington D.C.! More rubbish. At the time, the U.S. had no use for the extensive wilderness just a few miles south of the island.

But, never let facts get in the way of an over-heated melodrama. When the returning heir refuses to sell to the EIC...uh-oh! It's man against monopoly! Slick silliness. Slick...and bloody, too. When a company hit-man attacks our protagonist, he--without weapons, except the blade now protruding from his side, and he is NOT inclined to wrench it out at this moment--grapples with the man, opens his mouth wide and takes a good-sized chunk out of his neck. Don't worry--he spits instead of swallows.

Two for audacity, one for performances--Hardy, Jonathan Price, as EIC Chairman, Michael Kelly (House of Cards) as the American spy and a number of others.

Warning: if you are among the 3.5 million Canadians with hearing loss, you'll work very hard while watching this series, for a number of reasons: audio is in a slightly lower level than that of many other programs; there are no subtitles, everyone speaks with some kind of British accent, including almost incomprehensible low-class dialects and crucial dialogue--which means most of it--Is either mumbled or spoken in semi-whispers. Hardly worth the effort...

Mar 07, 2018

This is an excellent and gritty revenge story set in early 18th century London that reminds of me of a dirty and realistic Count Of Monte Cristo. Everything about this series is top notch - complex and layered plot, great acting, well written characters and perfectly timed (and funny) grunts from Tom Hardy. The ONLY problem I had is with the sound which, because of either low volume or British accent, forced me to rewind and rewatch several times to understand the ever-important dialog (no subtitles for some reason). I can't wait for season 2 (SPOILER - which will require a complete change of setting and main players)

Jan 05, 2018

I always knew Hardy had it in him to play a leading man and this confirms it. It may have taken him several years of small Indie films and some bad co-starring roles but he's finally gotten his dues in TABOO, a series knockoff from the Netherlands. It may start too slow for some but if you're at all familiar with the actor's work, that's his style, slow to simmer until bursting into flame while he smiles creepily sly at you as he walks quietly away, making your hair stand up because you know he's just caught you doing something you shouldn't have.


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