Little Black Book of Murder
Little Black Book of Murder A Blackbird Sisters Mystery By Martin, Nancy Book - 2013

Nora Blackbird is barely making ends meet. With a layoff looming overhead, Nora puts in extra hours whenever possible at the Philadelphia Intelligencer, where she is a society journalist. Her new boss from Australia, Gus Hardwicke, has questionable ethics grate to the core. Not only that, he's good looking and has eyes for her. When he adds the celebrity gossip beat to her duties with an ultimatum: report on the sleazy secrets of the rich and famous or take a pink slip, she is in the perfect position to investigate the murder of a neighboring billionaire and find a missing pig. Mobster Michael is living with her while under house arrest and consorting with unsavory characters. Sisters Libby and Emma are up to their usual antics and Rawlins is suspected of the murder. It's just another day at the Blackbird Farm.

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