A lonely boy is help captive underneath a library by an old man and figures out how to escape with the help of a sheep man, a mysterious girl, and a starling.

3/5 : This story was very surreal and strange on surface level, but it was simple. It was a short and simple story that didn't try to be something bigger than it was, and I appreciate that. It was a simple read.

Murakami wrote this after his mother died, and described in his author's note the feeling of loneliness he had. It helped me make sense of the work afterword, but it was still hard to find a distinguished theme.

What I Take Away: It was hard for me to find a proper theme in the story, mainly because it's so imaginative and surreal. But this was my first Murakami read, and this glimpse into his imagination has made me curious what his other work is like.

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