The author, Lois Lowry wrote a lot of books that I enjoyed. Expecially the book 'the Giver' was a book that I liked a lot.
This story is based on Denmark being in the grip of Germany. Denmark surrendered to Germany because they knew they had a small, weak country back then. Annemarie is the main character and she is 10 years old. She has a friend named Ellen who is Jewish. Annemarie has an uncle, who is a fishermen, and she lives with her mom, her dad, and her younger sister. She had a older sister called Lise, but she died because she was one of the resistance to Germany controlling Denmark.
One day, the Germans, who didn't like the Jews, were looking for Jews and arrested them. Ellen and her family were Jews, so they had to escape. Few Jewish people gathered up at Annemarie's uncle's house. Uncle Henrick's house was more safe because it was far from the place where Germans were gathered up. They plan to go to the country Sweden, which was just across the ocean between Denmark and Sweden. Sweden wasn't in the control of Germany because it was much bigger, stronger, and Germany didn't want to take over Sweden for some reason. Uncle Henrick hid them in his house, waited until dark night, and took the hidden Jews to his boat and sailed them to Sweden safely. Ellen and Annemarie promised to meet again.
2 years later, when Annemarie became 12 years old, Germans went back to their own country and Denmark became free.
In the last part of this book, Uncle Henrich and Annemarie talks about bravery. I learned that bravery means not thinking about the dangers but only thinking about what you must do.

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