From: Michael R Brown and BEST SELLER'SBOOK CLUB our review of author Ron Chernow's epic book titled, "GRANT" impossible to give this title justice! The life and times of Ulysses S. Grant an American Hero, who saved a nation during it's horrible Civil War and then "saved America" as it's President! How did we get here?
"Fake News"! - "Racial Injustice"! - "Corrupt Economies"! and "Citizens In Denial"..!

The Missouri Compromise was a slap in the face for most citizens who couldn't take anymore. The inhuman bondage of 10 million souls, raped, murdered, dehumanized,
and exploited! People who had done nothing wrong except being black, or brown.
"The Life Style of the Rich and Famous was too much to bear and needed to end." The misunderstandings during this period were epic. The Supreme Court decision to allow Kansas to become a free state, while Missouri became a slave state was not a compromise, but a fire starter for progressives and the last straw for 1860!

U. S. Grant a hard working simple man, who checked his ego at the door, had
given up on his military career after being given the worst assignment ever at the end of the American frontier, suddenly founding himself becoming a super-star during the Civil War! The "Southern Way Of Life" versus the "Industrialized North"! U. S. Grant re-joined the military just when America needed him! His value system included hard work, thrifty spending, attention to detail, ending corruption, discipline among troops, and understanding the nature of his enemies. U.S. Grant saw all men as equals at a time when most "White Men" saw themselves as "superior". To be "Superior"... To be unquestioned.... To believe the hype...! To be a white supremacist was just the way it was and considered fashionable in the Southern States.
No one believed a Civil War would last. President Abe Lincoln couldn't believe it could happen in America! (American citizens fight each other, impossible!) It was much later after horrible defeats that President Lincoln discovered that this Civil War was real. Only then did he understand that a "two state solution" was not possible...! U.S. Grant would strengthen President Lincoln and President Lincoln would unleash a "pitbull" on the South, leaving much of it in ashes.

U.S. Grant would again be called upon to save the nation after the murderous assassination of President Lincoln and the disgusting presidency of President Andrew Jackson, (who wanted the war to end in favor of the South) and who caused his own "impeachment!" The first modern president of the United States, a healer,a peace maker, a civil rights activist, a world traveler, a budget balancer, and a job creator who brought 8 years of peace and bound up a nation! His fatal flaw? He was a complete innocent! (who was cheated several times). Too trusting! Too understanding of others corruption! Too forgiving of fools! Too middle-class for political elite! (He was not Harry Truman..)

A heart breaking story of romancing a nation gone wrong! A story of America's past that explains a great deal about where America is today...! A master work of truth that "claps back" on fools calling for civil war today", Ron Chernow has carried the ball for another great score for History!

Appreciated by the entire book club for it excellence in story telling. We all agree,
"GRANT" was worth the read...!

Michael R. Brown. Leader - BEST SELLER'S BOOK CLUB...
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