If we split up like last time, that clown will kill us, one by one, but if we stick together, all of us... we'll win. I promise.
There is a church full of Jews. And Stan has to take the super Jew-y test.
-But how does it work?
They slice the tip of his dick off.
-But then you'll have nothing left!
It is true.
- Wait, you guys! Hey, Stan, what happens at the mitzvah anyways?
Ed says you slice the tip of the d-d-d-dick off.
-Yes, Rabbi's gonna pull down your pants. And he will tell the crowd: "Where's the beef?".
At he bar mitzvah, I read from the Torah... and then I make a speech, and suddenly I become a man.
Ok so let me get this straight. IT comes out from wherever to eat kids for like a year and then what? IT just goes into hibernation?
-Maybe it's like... What do you call it? Cicadas. You know, the bugs that come out once every 17 years.

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