Bachelor Nation
Bachelor Nation Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure By Kaufman, Amy Book - 2018

If you were hoping for some hot Bachelor tea, this book will disappoint. There's not a lot in here that I didn't already know (or intuit) from reading other Bachelor books (I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends, for example), reading Sharleen Joynt's blog, or listening to the ever increasing amount of Bachelor contestant podcasts. There is some interesting back story about Mike Fleiss, and the woman who is credited for making the show what it is...but... nothing earth shattering. It's definitely a book you'll skim read. Oh, also, it says the book is 310 pages - but the body of the book is only 265 (the rest being acknowledgements, a list of every Bachelor/Bachelorette, and a lengthy bibliography - the majority of the author's 'interviews' are actually previously published media pieces) - and even within there, there's a lot of filler (like the origin story of dating reality shows... do you really care how we got from Love Connection to Bachelor?).

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