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Bad Blood
Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in A Silicon Valley Startup By Carreyrou, John Book - 2018

Just finished the book and can highly recommend it - the writing is accessible and Carryrou does a good job of explaining normal business practices when needed to put Theranos practices in perspective.

I would have liked to see a greater exploration of why so many smart men, literally world leaders, were willing to serve on the board of a medical company without asking to see evidence of its claimed successes and without wondering why there were no medical or laboratory experts sitting among them. I don't think this suspension of disbelief is sufficiently explained by the fact of Elizabeth Holmes being charismatic and persuasive -- these were all men who had spent their careers seeing through dodges, feints, misleading tactics, and outright lies by other world leaders, some of whom also were charismatic and persuasive. In a capitalist society where corporate boards are supposed to be providing oversight on corporation management, the reasons for this failure by the Board deserve more attention.

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