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Armstrong's Moon Rock

Bailey, Gerry
Book, 2008

jB ArmstrongBailey

Reaching for the Moon

Aldrin, Buzz
Book, 2005

j 629.45 Aldrin

First Man

The Life of Neil A. Armstrong

Hansen, James R.
Book, 2005

B Armstron Hansen

One Giant Leap

The Story of Neil Armstrong

Brown, Don
Book, 1998

j 629.45 Armstron Brown

Mae Jemison

Nhin, Mary
Book, 2020

jB Jemison Nhin

Shattered Dreams

The Lost and Canceled Space Missions

Burgess, Colin
Book, 2019

629.45 Burgess 2019

Women Spacefarers

Sixty Different Paths to Space

Cavallaro, Umberto
Book, 2017

629.45 C377

Magnificent Desolation

Aldrin, Buzz
Audiobook CD, 2009

SCD B Aldrin

Godspeed, John Glenn

Hilliard, Richard
Book, 2006

jB GlennHilliard

Riding Rockets

The Outrageous Tales of A Space Shuttle Astronaut

Mullane, R. Mike
Book, 2006

629.45 Mullane 2006

Light This Candle

The Life and Times of Alan Shepard, America's First Spaceman

Thompson, Neal
Book, 2004

B ShepardThompson

High Calling

The Courageous Life and Faith of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband

Husband, Evelyn
Book, 2003

B HusbandHusband

Who's Who of NASA Astronauts

Ellis, Lee
Book, 2001

629.45 Ellis

Far Side of the Moon

Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman and the Woman Who Gave Him Wings

Jorgensen, Liisa
Book, 2022

B Borman Jorgense 2022

Back to Earth

What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet--and Our Mission to Protect It

Stott, Nicole
Book, 2021

304.2 Stott 2021


Women on the Final Frontier

Ottaviani, Jim
Book, 2020

jGRAPHIC 629.45 Ottaviani

Find Where the Wind Goes

Moments From My Life

Jemison, Mae
Book, 2020

jB Jemison

Neil Armstrong

Crete, Patricia
Book, 2018

jB Armstrong Crete

The Ordinary Spaceman

From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut

Anderson, Clayton C.
Book, 2015

B Anderson 2015

Neil Armstrong

Chambers, Catherine
Book, 2014

jB Armstrong Chambers

Neil Armstrong

Ollhoff, Jim
Book, 2013

jB Armstrong Ollhoff

The Astronaut Wives Club

A True Story

Koppel, Lily
Book, 2013

629.45 Koppel 2013

Ellen Ochoa

Buckley, Annie
Online Periodical or Article, 2008

Who Was Neil Armstrong?

Edwards, Roberta
Book, 2008


Mae Jemison

Gelletly, LeeAnne
Online Periodical or Article, 2002
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